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We want to fill this gallery with photos of our customers enjoying their boats. If you have a special picture of that big fish or a fun day on the water you'd like to share, please email it to tarah@mroutboards.com 

Be sure to include your name, city & a little story about the picture. Then come back in a day or two and show your friends the fun they have been missing!

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Boat Shows
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Fish Stories
ryan hynes  bass in phoenix 721.jpg 2012-08-06_22-02-35_859.jpg img00674-20120603-2000.jpg Craig Buchinger Tank Walleye 11lbs 31'' (bay).bmp new owner of an 18 alaskan lund.jpg
Ryan Hynes catching Bass in hi... Mike (one of our customers) in... Craig Buchinger Tank Walleye 1... New owner of a 18 Alaskan Lund...
dad malsavage 48 incher 9-18-10.jpg 03-16-2009 05;42;07pm.jpg 081104ctsalmon_w.jpg 03-17-2009 11;31;29am.jpg 165935-r1-01-2a_002.jpg
Butch Malsavage... This 48 inc... 85# King found up stream in Ca... 11thplace Brown bailey's tourn...
12-20-08_1415.jpg pgtedsk5.jpg brian and nick's muskie oct. 2008 002.jpg scott muskie ,oct. 2008.jpg jan-a.jpg
This is a Northern Pike my son... Here's the picture I was talki... Brian and Nick Heaton October... Scott Heaton's Musky October ... Jan
dan malsavage- 2006.jpg kaari- 2006.jpg greg truttmann- 2006.jpg glen truttmann- 2006.jpg levi- 2006.jpg
Dan Malsavage- My largest Musk... Kaari Truttmann- A great day o... Greg Truttmann- hauls in a big... Glen Truttmann, owner of Mr. O... Levi Truttmann spent the day f...
scott gutschow- 2006.jpg
Scott Gutschow- Here are a fe...

Giveaway Winners!
giveaway winners 001.jpg giveaway winners 002.jpg giveaway winners 003.jpg tom calaway- mercury hat.jpg

make-a-wish-2.jpg make-a-wish-1.jpg make-a-wish.jpg
Rick Saatela with Family & Mak... Rick Saatela & Tracker Pro Tea... Rick's wish "2008 Lund 1750 Ou...

2011 AYA Kid's Fishing Tournament
_mg_6863.jpg _mg_6870.jpg _mg_6874.jpg _mg_6877.jpg _mg_6878.jpg
_mg_6894.jpg _mg_6895.jpg _mg_6897.jpg _mg_6899.jpg _mg_6902.jpg
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