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Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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Hey John,

I gotta say your team did a great job fixing  up the Tige. I now know I brought the boat with a bent propeller shaft and loose rudder. Never realized how much that rattled the hell out of everything. It's my first ski boat so I just thought that's how it road. The boat rides so smooth now! It's a big-big difference.

My dinged-up prop turned out to be a blessing in disguise.




Just wanted to drop you and the folks and Mr. Outboards a note saying thanks for a great AYA tournament today.  This was our third year fishing the tournament and I think it was the best. Great prizes, many volunteers, and just a fun day.  Thanks again for all your hard work and we look forward to next year


Matt, Rebekah, Mason and Madeline Propsom

Don Martisauski

Hi Jan,

Nice of you to keep in touch! The past summer was great and we can't wait for a new season to start. The 3360 was the most looked at boat in the marina last year and we are very happy with the way it looks and performs. All of guests last year all say the same thing, "WOW". Hope you are in good health and enjoying life. Have a great year. 


"We just purchases our custom pontoon boat after much research and comparing. Pete is an awesome sales person and very knowledgeable! We picked Mr. Outboard because of the quality, and customer service.  We can't wait to see our finished product!"

"You guys do a lot more than any other boat place in the valley and Green Bay, with your shows and seminars.  Thanks again for letting Erb Street Tackle be part of your shows."

Justin Roberts March 21, 2013